Friday, 11 November 2011

Opening Promotion!!!

Salam Jumaat to my lovely buyers, from today (11.11.11)  for two weeks until 25.11.11,  Keely Shawls akan mengadakan OPENING PROMOTION of our store. If you buy more than 3 pieces, the third piece would be 30% off. However, discount diberikan kepada the lowest price item.

So, jgn lepaskan peluang to get more shawls at lower price!!

P/S: 11.11.11 is a beautiful day don't you think coz it is  hari Jumaat and tarikh yg cantik.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Opening promotion awaits you!


Yes!! there will be an OPENING PROMOTION soon by our online shop.

Nak tau BILA? yang itu SURPRISE.

So, just keep on FOLLOWING us to get latest news kay n u wont't miss this great opportunity to grab shawls at cheaper price :)

Monday, 7 November 2011

More shawls update!~

Salam to my lovely shoppers. Today Keely Shawls nak update few more shawls that in our stocks.


Eclipse ade 4 different colors and we have 1 piece of each color. Shawl ini senang nak dibentuk because tak licin. 

Material: 100% polyster
Price: RM8.00
Status: All available


This design we called twister. Twister ini ade 4 colors. Each color ade 1 helai sahaja dalam stok. Macam Eclipse juga, nak bentuk Twister ini tak susah and tak licin pun. The best thing is if you are in hurry just grab it and pakai sebab tak gosok pun tak ape.

Material: 100% jorjet
Price: RM8.00
Status: Available

If you are interested, please isi Purchase Order Form by clicking its tab.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Shawl- Pinpoint!~

Salam to my lovely shoppers.Today ade new stock for pashmina. This pashmina that we called Pinpoint ade 9 colors available (remember that the color maybe lain sikit from its color due to the lighting). Pinpoint ini senang dibentuk sebab material lembut.Each pashmina ade blue stripe yang glittering. So, it is suitable not only for casual wear tapi ke majlis formal juga!

Material: Cotton
Price: RM10
Status: Available

If interested please click Purchase Order Form and isi form itu ya!

Cotton Inner

Salam to my lovely shoppers. We have few beautiful cotton inner for u.
Material: Cotton
Price: RM 5

If interested please isi Purchase Order Form by clicking its tab above!

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Terms and Conditions

  1. Only serious buyer would be entertained.
  2. Please fill in the order form which of can be found by clicking the 'Purchase Order Form' tab. We would reply to your order ie:available/ not available within 24 hours after we receive it. 
  3. Booking is allowable but we only holds it for 48 hours. If there is no confirmation/ payment made, the item would be release without a prior notice.
  4. Please send us via email a copy of banked- in slip or SMS the details of the payment transaction. 
  5. The price is fixed and non- negotiable. It is also NOT INCLUSIVE postage unless stated.
  6. Please take note that we are not held for any responsibility for any damages/ risk during delivering the item. 
  7. C.O.D only available at KLCC area (weekdays) and Jelatik and Keramat area (weekends and weekdays)
  8. Any inquiries please do not hesitate to contact at 

Postage rate


Semenanjung Malaysia:
1-4 pieces =RM6.00
5-6 pieces =RM7.00
More than 6 pieces would be advised

1-4 pieces =RM8.00
5-6 pieces =RM10.00
More than 6 pieces would be advised

Pos express 

Semenanjung Malaysia:
1-4 pieces: RM7.00
5-6 pieces: RM9.00
More than 6 pieces would be advised

Sabah/ Sarawak:
1-4 pieces: RM9.00
5-6 pieces: RM11.00 
More than 6 pieces would be advised