Monday, 7 November 2011

More shawls update!~

Salam to my lovely shoppers. Today Keely Shawls nak update few more shawls that in our stocks.


Eclipse ade 4 different colors and we have 1 piece of each color. Shawl ini senang nak dibentuk because tak licin. 

Material: 100% polyster
Price: RM8.00
Status: All available


This design we called twister. Twister ini ade 4 colors. Each color ade 1 helai sahaja dalam stok. Macam Eclipse juga, nak bentuk Twister ini tak susah and tak licin pun. The best thing is if you are in hurry just grab it and pakai sebab tak gosok pun tak ape.

Material: 100% jorjet
Price: RM8.00
Status: Available

If you are interested, please isi Purchase Order Form by clicking its tab.